Message Exchange enables UC (Unified Communications) client applications, and eventually, UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) client applications to send and receive SMSs through RestcommONE.

All that is required is a federation of RestcommONE Message Exchange to Broadsoft’s Broadworks UC-One servers on the customer’s premises or private cloud. After the setup process for federation, end users on the customers’ Broadsoft UC service can send and receive SMSs through RestcommONE.

Currently, Message Exchange supports Broadsoft’s Broadworks UC-One deployments. More UC services are under consideration.

Architecture Overview


Quick Start Guide

To get started, we suggest you read the Quick Start Guide to learn about the steps to follow to get your service integrated


Receiving an SMS Message

Receive SMS

Sending an SMS Message

Send SMS

Try It Out

Use our Swagger UI to interact with the Message Exchange APIs for whitelisting your server IPs and creating mappings

Configuration Guide