The <Pause> verb waits silently for a specific number of seconds. If <Pause> is the first verb in a RCML response, RestComm will wait the specified number of seconds before picking up the call.  

Pause Attributes

Name Allowed Values Default Value


integer > 0

1 second

  • length. The 'length' attribute specifies how many seconds RestComm will wait silently before continuing on.


The <Pause> verb can not have any other verbs or nouns nested.


For an example of how to use the <Pause> verb see below.

    <Pause length="5"/>

Delayed pickup

This example demonstrates using <Pause> to wait between two <Say> verbs.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
    <Say>I will pause 10 seconds starting now!</Say>
    <Pause length="10"/>
    <Say>I just paused 10 seconds</Say>